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Professional translations

We will help you understand other languages. We offer written translation services:

  • texts

  • documents

  • websites

  • other as needed

We can also help with translations during business meetings and doctor visits.

we offer  standard and sworn translations.

Written translations

We offer written translations from the following languages:

  • from English

  • from Ukrainian

  • from German

  • from Spanish

  • from Russian

  • and others on request



We provide interpreting of the above-mentioned languages during meetings:

  • business

  • medical visits

  • visits to offices

  • everyday matters


Sworn translations

We also translate documents that require certification by a sworn translator. This type of translation is required by offices and other institutions, e.g. banks.

The presence of a sworn translator is also possible, e.g. during notarial activities (e.g. when purchasing real estate)


Specialized translations

We prepare translations of documents, websites or other content that requires specialist knowledge, such as:

  • scientific and technical texts

  • medical documents

  • www pages

  • advertising and information materials

  • and many more

Image by Saj Shafique

A whole world of translations

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