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For you and your family

Together with Law Firm , we help you and your family obtain a legal stay in Poland. Experienced lawyers will professionally deal with your case and bring it to a happy end.

Residence card

In order for your stay in Poland to be legal, you must submit the relevant documents for the purpose of issuing a Residence Card. The lack of a document confirming the possibility of staying legally in Poland may have unpleasant consequences.

One of the consequences is deportation and prohibition of entry to Poland for a specified period (usually 5 years)

Work permit

A work permit is a document entitling a foreigner to work legally in Poland. However, the condition is that this foreigner has a basis for residence that allows him to perform work in accordance with the law.

Pole's card

The Pole's Card is a document confirming the foreigner's belonging to the Polish nation. However, it does not mean granting Polish citizenship, granting the right of temporary or permanent residence in Poland or the right to cross the border without a visa.

Official matters

In everyday life, there is a need to deal with various official matters. Thanks to the support of the Law Firm, you can handle all important matters, such as assigning a Pesel number, registration etc. without any problems.

Take advantage of the support of specialists.

Polish citizenship

Polish citizenship can be purchased:

  • by the power of law;

  • by granting Polish citizenship;

  • by recognition as a Polish citizen;

  • by restoring Polish citizenship.

Company in Poland

If you are considering opening your own business, it is worth consulting a lawyer who will help you choose the legal form (sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.) and register your business with offices. You can count on professional support at every stage

For more information, go to or call and talk to a lawyer

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