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To guarantee your place in the group, complete the form and make the payment.

You sign up for: Intensive Polish language course (2 weeks)

  Special offer! For the first 5 people course cheaper PLN 200  

   Registration ends in:   

Course price:   

 999 PLN 

1199 PLN

The course price includes:

  • full-time lessons with a Polish teacher

  • classes 5 times a week, 5 teaching hours for 2 weeks

  • A total of 50 teaching hours

  • additional materials prepared by the teacher

The course price does not include:

  • textbooks and exercise book* (cost approximately PLN 150, available at our school)

  • additional supplies (pencil, pen, notebook, etc.)

*The first 3 people to sign up for the course will receive additional money50% discount for the textbook and exercise book.


Thank you for signing up for the course!

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