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Fill Free Test

Complete the free Polish language test so that we can choose the appropriate group for You

Do You want to start learning Polish?

  • With our courses You will start communicating in everyday life.

  • You will learn Polish in theory and practice.

  • You will break of the language barrier.

  • You will surprise Your friends and colleagues at work.

  • You will learn what language mistakes you make and how to fix them.

Before You start studying at our school, please complete this short test

How We teach Polish in our school?

  • We teach from level 0 to B2

  • Only teachers with appropriate education and skills in teaching Polish to foreigners teach in our school. To learn Polish for foreigners, it is not enough to be an ordinary Polish teacher

  • You will gain practical knowledge of how to use Polish in your everyday life.

  • You will get a certificate of completion of the course.

If You want to start learning at our school, please complete this short test

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